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Official Government Home Growing Advice from WW2

The government realised that the many of the new growers didn’t have any experience or knowledge of how to produce the needed crops. Monthly guides telling them what to do and when to do it are useful but some topics needed more in-depth advice. So the government issued a series of  growing advice leaflets as part of the Dig for Victory campaign.

Dig for Victory Leaflets

Government Information Leaflets Produced in WW2

Much has changed since the war but a lot of the information is as useful today as then. Where I feel it helpful, I’ve annotated the information. To make annotations obvious, they are coloured green.

Rather than trying to replicate the original leaflets etc. I’ve formatted the information in them in such a way as to be easily readable on mobile phones and other devices as well as desktop computers.

The information in this section also includes specialist advice that was produced in the latter half of the 1930s. These leaflets were aimed primarily at farmers and market gardeners. However, that information would have been available to home growers.

Dig for Victory Official Government Leaflets from WW2

Dig for Victory Official Government Leaflets from WW2

As well as the monthly guides, the Dig for Victory campaign produced advice leaflets covering various gardening and food preservation topics in detail.